Southern Africa preparations

This takes even me by surprise. If you’d have asked me a year ago, I would have said with good confidence that Africa held minimal interest for me. Maybe it’s all the conflict one hears in the news. I should know by now to give short shrift to that, having been in Bangkok during the riots, which, although very real, were completely unseen by me. And, when one leaves the city, not even a blip on the collective conscience.

Looking to keep traveling, I started looking at wildlife conservation efforts, dusting off my Master’s Degree in conservation bio… and Africa came into focus. It helped that my friend Monika was now living in Zimbabwe, and loving it.

So now I’m laying out the pack again- better knowing what is superfluous, what is going to really come in handy, and picking up a few new items that I wish I had before. Southern Africa is not SE Asia, but general ideas apply: lightweight versatile clothing, good first aid kit, quality shoes. The rest you can buy later, and the good thing about Africa is that the little Cambodian girls won’t laugh at me when I try and buy a bra. 🙂

Friday, I’ll start the next journey. The plan is to work in Limpopo for a couple of months, then visit Monika in Harare, make it to the beaches of Mozambique, and then back into SA to see Cape Town, and maybe take the cross-country train.

But I’ve learned that the gods indeed laugh at plans.

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4 Responses to Southern Africa preparations

  1. Go girl, life is too short to ignore your passions! One springboard leads to another in the most mysterious of ways, and regrets only come from things you don’t do :). Lots of love from us all in France x

    • saxonbrown says:

      The best part of travel is who you meet along the way. I’m so happy to have met you and Katie at ENP, and then to meet the rest of your clan in Budapest. I hope to see you again very soon.

  2. sebbie - rcs says:

    Travel on… safe journey! Look forward to seeing photos & reading about this new adventure. Be well!

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