Things I love about Boulder- Chautauqua Auditorium

Located up in Chautauqua Park, it was built in 1898, and it’s open during the summer months for concerts, theater, comedy, and most fun- weekly silent movies.


The inside feel like a big barn, and you can feel the breeze when the wind blows through the slats. There is no air-conditioning.



Hank Troy has been the musical accompaniment to the films for years, and you almost forget he’s there live, playing what the action of the film dictates. Sometimes there’s a mini orchestra- next week’s Buster Keaton film will have a six-piece group.

We saw a 1916 version of Snow White- apparently the film that inspired a young Walt Disney. Then intermission, which had everyone getting out the cameras


Followed by a hilarious Charlie Chaplin short- The Adventurer. I couldn’t help but think his physical antics were an inspiration to Jackie Chan, the way he gets his pursuers tied up in themselves, while Charlie nimbles his way out.

I’m trying to be more of a tourist in my own town, but also appreciate all the cool under-the-radar things that are available. A little happy hour at the excellent Cafe Aion, and a movie (plus a short) with live music in a beautiful setting for a mere $12.

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