South African Food Terminology

Because of course I am researching the availability on interesting eats, I am coming across many terms that I am unfamiliar with. Here are a few:

Bunny Chow: also known as a bunny, this is a hollowed out loaf of bread, filled with an Indian style curry. Fast food, created in Durban, and what the Indian sugar cane plantation worked had for their lunches.

Ting: a sour porridge made from sorghum, generally served for breakfast.

Samp: Cracked hominy. Often cooked with beans in a dish called umngqusho, aka samp and beans. Onion, potatoes and spices are added. Said to be a favorite of Nelson Mandela.

Biltong: like jerky, nut usually not as hard. Made from any animal- eland, ostrich, etc.

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