Siem Reap Miscellany

Oh, thank… Eh, close enough.


Don’t be this guy. When you visit other cultures, no matter how many accommodations the very kind people make to you, please consider the local customs and religions.


There’s some interesting stuff here. This is a cobra biting a scorpion in whiskey. The good thing is it’s only $4.50 per bottle. No, I won’t get you one. I was so creeped out I couldn’t even touch the bottle.


Not to be outdone, our guesthouse makes it’s own infusions of Cambodian rice whiskey. He says it’s good for pregnant women- wait, what?


This is a gas station. This is a fancy one because the bottles are glass.


Our breakfast every day at the khmer cuisine guesthouse.


Another indicator that they are catering to western tourists- sriracha at the market. Made in California.


We are staying about 1 kilometer north of the old town, it’s much more peaceful up here. This is the Siem Reap river across the street


Brent just downloaded the wordpress app to his toy (iPad mini), so he can create posts as well. I think he’s cooking one up as we speak. He has a LOT more temple photos than I do, so perhaps he’ll write about that.

Added: sun-dried fish. We see these baskets all over during the day.



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