Date night, tourist-trap style, Siem Reap

Just because we are traveling, and every night is date night (awww), we decided to have a tourist-trap date. We started at Miss Wong, a Shanghai themed cocktail lounge. All deep red and black lacquer, with fun drinks and good food. Also known as one of the most gay friendly joints in town, it was cool and sleek, and they really exploit the theme. This is the back of the cocktail menu that’s printed on a fan, and a pic of my passion fruit martini, which was delicious.


After Miss Wong’s, we walked around the old market area, and I convinced Brent to do this- $1 for a fishy pedicure and a beer or coke, which alone cost… $1, so basically, it’s free fish massage! Or, we are free fish food. Either way. My feet were not as exciting as Brent’s, pictured here. I had to get him to lift his feet from the tank so the fish would come to mine. Despite the fact that this was indeed a silly tourist thing, it was really good. We have been walking lots, and this invigorated and exfoliated our tired dogs. It did tickle like mad for the first minute!



We wandered around old town a bit more, stopped at a French bistro for a small bite, then a tuk tuk back to the hotel. We arranged for a driver to come pick us up the next morning for a trip up to Angkor, but he didn’t show. Fortunately, our guesthouse called a replacement who was great, and we spent another day temple touring, but that’s for another post.

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