This one one of those times where I believe in my superpower. I’m not trying to brag, everyone has a superpower, they may not know it, but they do. I’m terrible at lots of things, like doing math in my head.  But my superpower is direction. I know where north is, unless I’m in New Orleans. That city jacks me up every time, stupid crescent.

I’m really good about mapping out where I need to go, except when I’m not. I think I can envision it, and make it there.  Keep in mind, I turn off my cell service when I travel, so I need to be on it. This is where the superpower kicks in- and I’m rarely wrong. Even when the highways are twisting around and exits are cloverleafs, I somehow take the right one and get to the right place, or out of there.

I was surprised there were few signs for the museum, but I knew it was on the river near town. So I headed for the center, and it was quite confusing, but then- I found myself going over the bridge, and this was the view.

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