Victoria Falls

The trip from Harare to Victoria Falls is simple and a reasonable fare on Fastjet. Small airport, the kombi picking me up was driven by Innocent. This is something I see a lot of in Zimbabwe- children are named after a trait the parents want the child to embody.

I stayed at the Victoria Falls Rest Camp in town. I originally booked a tent for $28, thinking it would be like the amazing safari tent accommodation at Kruger, but not even close- these were just camping tents. So for $7 more, I chose a “chalet”. So glad I did when we had a fairly intense thunderstorm one night.

The chalet  
The building behind is the communal ablution facility. When I arrived, I had 2 visitors- a cat I named Max, and a vervet monkey. 

 I was there for 3 nights, and max knows a sucker when he sees one.

The park is easily walked to from the camp, but you really get set upon by hawkers- it’s non-stop. Unfortunately, you have to adopt a head down, no talking demeanor, or they will not leave you alone.

Entrance is $30 for those that are not Zimbabwean or African- there’s a scale. The paths are well constructed, but there is no map to carry, you just follow the path. Not long after setting off, there are toilets off to the left. Good thing I didn’t need to go as there was a line… And if you look at the window- a peeper! 

This gentleman escorted me for a bit. 

But I’m here for the falls, not just the baboons.  

 The roar of the water is constant and slightly disconcerting, as it drowns out all other noise. The Tonga name for the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya, translated as “The Smoke that Thunders”

There are 16 overlooks covering about 3 kilometers. The day I was there was very hot, and while it’s nice that the park is essentially free of vendors (except for at the entrance/exit) it would have been nice to be able to get some water along the way, to drink. Water, water everywhere situation.

Back at camp there is a decent restaurant with good prices, so I generally had dinner there rather than try and walk around town alone in the dark. The night of the bad storm I had a companion. He seems content, yes?

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