Kruger National Park, December 15-17

What an amazing experience. To be driving along, and having these amazing animals just right there. Sometime too much as the people in this pic discovered. They had stopped to view an elephant that crossed behind them. Then the rest of the herd came out of the bus. That big tusker crossed, then made this feint back at the car as they were trying to slowly back up. I really though I was about to see them get crushed.

As you can see, there are elephants everywhere. When they finally got back to where I was, they were in shock. The daughter had some amazing pictures.

Here’s my giraffe friend. I stopped to observe her, said hello, and she looked at me and smiled. 

  Who’s a pretty girl? Giraffes are the best.
Zebras, Cape Buffalo, baboons, wart hogs, more elephants and giraffes, rhinos, hippos, antelope, elands,  it was a good 3 days. The only big cat I saw was from a distance, resting under a tree near a fresh kill. Terrible pic, though, so I won’t add it.

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