Into the west, we’re goin to Jackson

Not Mississippi, but Wyoming, where I lived for 2+ years in another era. Where snapping my ACL gave me an inroads into learning more about myself and my Dad. I was expecting so much to have changed, and I was right. What surprised me was how much was the same.

Of course, the important thing here is the view, and what a beautiful sight. There are many beautiful professional shots of these mountains, but even a shot from the phone is still good.


Many moons ago, I lived in Jackson Hole for a little over 2 years. I had an awesome apartment above a garage, and there was a 2 week stint one summer where my landlords had family coming in, so I camped for that time. This knowledge of this semi-secret excellent site came in handy when we needed a place to pitch the tent. 

What a view after a short morning hike looking down into the valley.


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