Border crossing, Cambodia to Vietnam

Kampot is not far from the border, initially chosen for that proximity. This crossing is fairly new, and like the crossing with Thailand, the area between the border posts is littered with casinos, and construction of new ones.

Here’s the fancy building where you pay a dollar to the “health ministry” and swear that you aren’t ill. About a kilometer before we got to this this building, a motorcycle with a woman on the back pulls up next to our minivan, and our driver hands her all the passports of the occupants, and she zooms off. We were all a little distressed by this development, and wondered where the hell she went with our documents. I’m nervous because mine is a loose-leaf visa, and I’m worried it will fly out of my passport, never to be seen again.


She was here! Getting the paperwork started for us. A collective sigh was issued. Then she takes our passports again and zooms off. Didn’t we just do this?

We pile back in the van, go about .5 kilometers, and stop again here. The guards hand us back our passports with stamps at this checkpoint.


And about 30 harrowing minutes later, we are in Ha Tien, Vietnam. We have an hour before our bus to Rach Gia, so we find an ATM immediately, and then stumble across this cart for our first Pho in Vietnam. It was wonderful, and I don’t think I’ve yet had it’s equal.



Yes, that’s the Laughing Cow. Sometimes it means the cheese, but usually it means beef is served there.

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