Ellen in Cambodia

Although Ellen’s death was the necessary kick in the pants to get busy livin’, I have been remiss in updating on her visits in Asia. The first scattering In Thailand I didn’t post about, because I probably did something somewhere I shouldn’t have, but I did update her sister on the whereabouts. I didn’t deface or defile anything, and I hope the Buddhas were accepting of the offering. In any case, it was made with compassion and thought.

Here’s a pic that Leslie sent in the meantime. This is not Ellen in Cambodia, this is Ellen in California.


Onto Cambodia. As I’ve mentioned, despite the fork in our trajectories, one commonality has always been the love of cooking and food. When we visited the garden in the preceding post, I knew that I could not scatter her there, but nearby seemed close enough. On the walk over, a frangipani flower dropped on me, wanting to be part of the event.


I found a bamboo stand in a tranquil corner, affixed the flower to a stalk, said a few words, and left a bit of her there. She would have liked Cambodia- other than tuk-tuk drivers, it’s pretty difficult to ascribe suspicious motives to most of the people. Or, that would have driven her crazy, who knows. Anyway, she’d have liked the spice garden.


So now she’s in Thailand and Cambodia. We enter Vietnam in about 5 days (I’d better get cracking securing a VPN…), and I’ll have to find some land on which to memorialize her there. No water.

Last, a little humor- Ellen had really great decorating taste, it always impressed me how she could beautify a space. Probably better than this company


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2 Responses to Ellen in Cambodia

  1. Lela says:

    Dearest Saxon,
    You are in my thoughts frequently these days as I read your exploits and travels. I hope you are still having an amazing time. Angkor Wat is a huge bucket list thing for me. I am so grateful to you for what you are doing for Ellen. I know she is smiling down and loving her excursion. It is very fitting that she be scattered around the world. It was her greatest joy, to travel and to see new things and new cultures. You must tell me sometime what you did in Thailand, curiosity is getting the best of me. Be safe and love, I will check in with you from time to time. Thank you for doing this, you meant so much to her and I know that she would just love, love, love this trip with you.
    All the best of all,

  2. saxonbrown says:

    Hi Lela,

    I’m so glad you wrote! I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but I’m determined to catch up! I’d be happy to talk to you about Thailand anytime! I hope that Ellen would appreciate the scatterings, it’s fun to try to find suitable places to leave her.


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