Last piece of Pai…

So many puns for this town. We are staying at the Pai in the sky, there’s a Pairadise resort, an Italian restaurant called Paisan.

It’s still the Boulder of Thailand. We’ve been taking it easy, going on day hikes in the area, getting thai massage, and Brent got a haircut. We go back to Chiang Mai tomorrow, and then- elephants! We are volunteering as elephant helpers at a rehabilitation center for 3 days. We may not have internet there, but I’ll post those pics when we are back in Chiang Mai again.we Are excited about this, even if it means we shovel elephant dung for 3 days…. 🙂

In the meantime, some random pics.
Road leading outside of town


View of town from about a kilometer out


There is a new Buddha being built outside of town, you can see him in the distance. it’s white now, but will be painted with gold. And, for color, some local dogs that followed us into this field and photo bombed the Buddha.


Across the river and up the hill is the Pai Circus School. The huts are cheap and basic, and you can take circus classes. That lawn there is the “fire juggling area”.


And last, the edibles. Here’s the “mama” noodles, which may be a play on ramen, because that’s what they are. The broth was outstanding.


I ordered the green curry spicy, and it really was. One of the difficulties is knowing who takes that request seriously and who does not. The pai cookery school does.


They also make a delicious ginger pineapple smoothie, which may be my new favorite beverage. The prevalence of smoothies everywhere here knocks it up another notch on the Boulderscale.

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