Sukhothai miscellany

Tomorrow morning we catch a bus up to Mae Sai. The weather underground has Sukhothai as 91 degrees, but “feels like” 102. Mae Sai is 82, feels like 86. Looking forward to a little bit cooler conditions. It’s hard to go out and play during the day when it’s so very hot. Hoping that as we get further into “winter” it will be cooler. Right?

So, being so hot, and our trips out were limited today, I thought I’d post some random area shots.

Here’s a cool bumblebee that Brent met the other day:


In a previous post I mentioned the local open air bus:


Here’s the bridge that connects us to the night market, if it’s not called the Elephant Bridge, it should be.


This is something you’d never see in the US, and these are all over. It’s hard to make out from the pic, but this is a child seat for a moped. It mounts to the floor in front of the seat. There are no straps, and the toddler holds on to the bar in front, and is secured by the drivers knees. I know it’s not the best pic, but I didn’t want to be super obvious taking it.


Lunch was hosted by this charming youngster, who talked us into this savory egg custard dish. It was a lot like a chawanmushi, without the bits in it. I liked it, but Brent isn’t a fan of that texture, like soft tofu.


Elizabeth is this doggie that lives at the hotel. She’s super sweet, and a little puppy like and playful. Often she has to be tied up behind the desk because she wanders off and plays/fights with the street dogs. She came in our cottage with the cool A/C and visited for a few minutes. We really like her.


This is Three, so named because of her colors. We like her too.


There is another cat they call “Miao”, that doesn’t live here, but hangs around a lot. She’s not here right now, so no pic.

here’s our little cottage here at the Garden House:


I’m going to go and slip back into it, it’s 6pm here and still “feeling like” over 100. The best connection is at the open-air entrance, which is where I am now. Brent’s off to the bus station to buy our tickets for tomorrow.

Two more local pics and I’m done: a veg stand and a spice stand on the street:



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2 Responses to Sukhothai miscellany

  1. Lisa Conway says:

    The pictures are great. The food looks amazing. Happy to catch up with you today.

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