to sukhothai, nov 24

Up early, packed, headed to Hua Lamphong station to catch the 8:30 to phitsanulok, then bus to sukothai. Here’s the beautiful station. At 8:00 am every day the national anthem is played, and you are to stand up when it does. The police in the train station did a little display also, facing the picture of the king, Rama IV.



For breakfast I had…. a dunkin donuts iced latte (with a little palm syrup sweetener!), and it was fricking delicious. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places, but coffee was not easy to find in Bangkok, at least at street stalls we were hitting up, so I haven’t had any for days. This hit the spot. I will admit to feeling like a falang (non-Asian) stereotype, ordering from dunkin, but tough.

On the train we were served lunch

It was not good.

The train was a 2nd class air conditioned diesel


The bus was a 3rd class, no a/c. I loved the air on my face, and feeling more connected to everything.


We are settled in sukothai now, for the next 4 nights. Small cottage, no a/c, just a fan and open windows. I think we are going to something called the Poo Restaurant for dinner. Can’t be worse than train-lunch, can it?

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