Nov 20 and 21

For all intents and purposes, nov 20 did not really exist for us. We got on a plane on the morning of tuesday the 19th in Denver, flew to LA, and after a mere 2 hour layover, in which we had to claim our bags from Frontier, switch terminals and recheck bags onto delta, we were on a 12 hour flight to Tokyo. A 1.5 hour layover gets us on a 6+ hour flight to Bangkok, and after adjusting for the time difference, it’s 1 am Thursday the 21st. Also, I don’t sleep well on planes. Brent leans his head back and he’s out. I’m just thankful for decent inflight movie selection and free sake.

But we get to our near-the-airport hotel, walk down the alley for a nice bowl of noodles (previously mentioned) and back at the hotel,I find I’m wide awake. So, I FaceTime with my godparents, which is crazy good, and have a beer. As soon as I lay down, I’m completely immobile. But 3.5 hours later, at 7 am, I’m ready to get into Bangkok proper. Brent persuades me to take it slow, so we walk down to have a little breakfast,

Then we go back to the airport to catch the sky train into town. Very efficient and easy. 45 baht each, so about $1.10. We check into the hotel, have a little walk and snack around banglamphu (the neighborhood we are staying in), and head back to the hotel. A nap, that’s all… But this is where my jet lag kicks into gear. We lay down for the nap at 3:30 in the afternoon, and aside for a small break when Brent comes back from a nighttime excursion with more street snacks, I sleep until 7:30 the next morning, the 22nd.
Attached are pics of the place we had breakfast, and one of the dishes, a noodle dish that I’d describe as a pad-see-ew type. It was really nice, and not the sweet style that we see in the US most of the time. We also had a very nice soup with shrimp and chicken and veg that we scarfed too fast to take pics.

Funny about the first hotel- there was a “no durian” sign, with a fine of 2,000 baht for bringing in a durian- same fine for smoking. I took a picture with another device, I’ll post that one later- this hotel only allows one device per password.



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