Every site/blog/book I’ve read recommends this: think carefully about what you are taking, remembering that it’s what you are carrying on your back for the next several months. Go through it more than once, make sure that you have want you need, with no redundancy. And take a picture of it. And post it on your blog like a geek. 🙂

So, here’s my stuff:

Shoes x 3 (not pictured), Keens trail runners, Merrell sport sandals, and some flops.
4 lightweight tops with sleeves, 4 without, 2 t-shirts. One appropriate head covering scarf.
2 lightweight dresses, 1 skirt, 1 skort, 1 long pants, 2 shorts.
5 camisoles, 3 pairs good socks, 2 bras, 2 sports bras, 3 pairs ex-officio underwear
2 bathing suits, 1 small towel, snorkel and mask.
Med kit: nexcare waterproof band aids, Benadryl, pepto, ace bandage.
Liquids: shampoo, conditioner, DEET, hand sanitizer, lotion.
Toilet paper and small Kleenex packs.
String (for laundry), washcloth, q-tips, hair ties, earplugs, safety pins, nail clippers.
Reading glasses x 5 between the 2 of us.
Rain poncho
Eating kit with chopsticks and spoon/knife/fork and straws.
Water bottle and filter.
Power adaptor and iPad charger. Headphones. iPad.
Global guide- with pics to facilitate communication.
Paper: passport copies, Vietnam visa, multiple copies of passport pics for borders.

So, that’s it. I’m sure along the way things will be left behind, others obtained, but this is the pack as it exists today. I’ve been agonizing over it- adding, taking away, but I’m pretty sure this is the final draft, so to speak.

Now to get Brent to get his pack items selected.  I won’t post his contents, you’re welcome.

So many details to consider with running away from home like this- bills, phones, insurance, stuff. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment, but it’ll all get done.  right?  11 days until departure.  11 days.

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