Visa logistics

We know where we want to go, but how long we can stay is limited by the requirements of each country, and they are all a little different. For Thailand you get a visa on arrival, if you fly in, you get 30 days, but if you enter over land, you only get 15. Cambodia issues e-visas, which is a good idea if you approach by land (we will be approaching by train). You get 30 days on a tourist visa for $25 for e-visa, $20 if you get it at the border. From what I understand, the $5 for planning and ease of entry, esp at the Aranyaprathet crossing that we’re aiming for, is worth it. For Vietnam we must plan ahead and get a visa in advance at an Embassy while we are still in the US before we leave.

By Spring, we’d like to get to China, and I’ve heard that US nationals can get a Tourist Visa in Hong Kong. Tales of success are anecdotal so far, I’m looking for better confirmation. China wants to know everywhere you’re going, how you’re getting there, where you’re staying, and when/how you’re leaving. Sometimes they examine the papers carefully, and sometimes you just get the visa. But, we’ve got to get a more solid plan together before we attempt the chinese visa in case careful scrutiny is the case.

In the meantime, we need to buy a few things, and sell a lot more.  Anyone want a house?

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